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Pacheco, F., Cerda, R., Segura, G., Cecchine, T., Mireles-Rios, R. (2018). Latino Students          Perceptions of Racial Socialization Messages from Parents.  Society for Research on  Adolescence (SRA). Minneapolis, MN

Cecchine, T. (2014). Cross-cultural education and Chickering’ s Theory of Identity Development in an International Context of Student Development.  Hawaiian International Conference on Education.  Honolulu Hawaii.

Cecchine, T. (2020). Female Wrestlers: Grappling the Headlocks of Oppression. International Conference on Sport and Society. University of Granada, Spain.

Cecchine, Terri, and Rebeca Mireles-Rios. 2020. "Girl Wrestlers in High School: Grappling the Head Locks of Oppression." The International Journal of Sport and Society 11 (3): 39-53. doi:10.18848/2152-7857/CGP/v11i03/39-53.

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Check out the background information concerning women in wrestling, and in male dominated roles. Many of these were used in my dissertation.

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