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Coaching Makes a Difference!

Here is a sneak peak into my publication, to be out soon!

If you ever thought a women's wrestling team was different than a males, they seek many of the the same things! Here are some responses as to how to make a female team feel more comfortable:

Chapter 5: Straight from the Wrestlers’ Mouth

How do female athletes feel about wrestling

“I’ve heard that women can...women in wrestling have been able--or been so strong that they can beat men actually in certain aspects... or certain specific women have beat men in the past or I think it’s just a matter of how aware people are of women participating in these kind of male dominated sports... but of

course right now it seems like... women are less represented I guess you can say...but they’re definitely making it clear that they can participate in it just as good if not better” (AG001)

What to expect when coaching a female team

“hard working... you know I’ve never worked this hard for anything...and I like that lifestyle... to you know be working out... to be working for something you know “(AHS001)

What the athletes want in a coach

“you know putting in the time and then being able to get rewards out of it I guess you could say is...that’s always self-confident... it’s boosting for’s just... It’s nice to be able to know that being a female and still being able to have that opportunity to participate in the male dominated sport... and being accepted by my team and my good in a sense that no one really tried to shut me out or push me down... and they’re all really supportive so that’s always helpful for my self-confidence I guess you could say” (AG001)

What the athletes need from the coach

“well definitely female...and characteristics... I think—okay support is a big thing... because you can’t have a sport where you feel that you have no support from your coach... I just don’t think that could work... support—I think they have to be hard working and understanding.” “she puts herself through some of the stuff I do in practice to understand me more so... almost in a sense she’s not afraid to put herself in my shoes you know... so that kind of aspect I guess you could say... supportive...oh also someone who is really good at communicating too..” (AG001)

What we need to overcome as coaches

“ you feel that women are over sexualized in the sport? P: I’d say yes... in pretty much any sport I’d say yes... and... I don’t know I’ve kind of had a bad experience being on a boys' team when it comes to going to boys’ matches because I see the other teams you know making faces when they’re about to wrestle me... making jokes... and I always make sure to look as less feminine as possible... because of it...yeah” (AHS001)

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