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Learn how to build relationships with students and parents to increase motivation in the classroom.


Are you looking to grow your ability to create rapport with your students, or your athletes? Sometimes we need new ideas of how to work our students. I have had several experiences where I was misunderstood by my teachers, now I work with educators and coaches to increase ability to build rapport with your youth to increase engagement. 

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Feminism Wrestling Equality was created during our COVID closure. I was looking for a way to reach out to wrestling athletes and students in such a time of uncertainty.   I am a wrestling coach, wrestling official, as well as Jiu-Jitsu Fighter. I have learned just as much on the mats as I have in a classroom. I wanted to create a foundation and charity to support students and Female wrestlers in their own journeys, and help them overcome their own obstacles and turn their adversities into motivation for success.

My own story is one of struggle and obstacles and I

share that in my teachings.


Meet the Team


If you would like to join the team, we are always seeking new athletes!

Our Clients Say


Jane, CA

“You know putting in the time and then being able to get rewards out of it I guess you could say is...that’s always self-confident... it’s boosting for’s just... It’s nice to be able to know that being a women and still being able to have that opportunity to participate in the male dominated sport... and being accepted by my team and my good in a sense that no one really tried to shut me out or push me down... and they’re all really supportive so that’s always helpful for my self-confidence I guess you could say”

Female Coach

“[I felt supported by] one older [man and he] hasn’t seen girls wrestling until recently and he thinks it's like super cool and he's always telling us to keep pushing and keep doing. If you want to keep doing it, you have to push through it.] Of course, our regular coach tells us all these things, but I think it’s a bit…a bit cooler hearing an older generation male telling us these things just because you don’t really hear that often from those types of people” (Coach Jerry)

Elena, CA

"...women are less represented I guess you can say...but they’re definitely making it clear that they can participate in it just as good if not better”

Kelly, CA

“Hard working... you know I’ve never worked this hard for anything...and I like that lifestyle... to you know be working out... to be working for something you know?”

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These items are available for purchase. All proceeds will go towards the Feminism Wrestling Equality scholarship fund and will be awarded to athletes 3 times a year in $500 scholarships. 

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