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Learn how to build relationships with students and parents to increase motivation in the classroom.


Are you looking to grow your ability to create rapport with your students, or your athletes? Sometimes we need new ideas of how to work our students. I have had several experiences where I was misunderstood by my teachers, now I work with educators and coaches to increase ability to build rapport with your youth to increase engagement. 

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Feminism Wrestling Equality was created during our COVID closure. I was looking for a way to reach out to wrestling athletes and students in such a time of uncertainty.   I am a wrestling coach, wrestling official, as well as Jiu-Jitsu Fighter. I have learned just as much on the mats as I have in a classroom. I wanted to create a foundation and charity to support students and Female wrestlers in their own journeys, and help them overcome their own obstacles and turn their adversities into motivation for success.

My own story is one of struggle and obstacles and I

share that in my teachings.


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